Tommy Redd is the Legendary Songwriter and Guitarist for Epic Recording Artist Nantucket, a True Americana Guitar Hero performing “real music for real people”. Tommy’s down to earth lyrics touch the heart and live forever. Famous for his crazy onstage antics from auctioneer square dance intros, playing solos with a spoon and honky tonk slide guitar with a beer bottle. Tommy Redd was inductee to the North Carolina Music Hall of Fame and a proud member of “The Americana Music Association”. Grand Union Records worldwide formats include Amazon Compact Disc & Music, Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal and all major digital and streaming services.


  1. Beer Dumplins
  2. HarleyLujah
  3. Drag My Knuckles 🅴
  4. Don’t Bring Me Down Girl
  5. Puff Grandaddy
  6. Mountain Ears
  7. She Looked Good in the Lounge
  8. Bomb Voyage
  9. Keep That Drunk off the Juke Box
  10. Halter Top