“MEDIA Y’ALL” is a non-profit division of AUDIOSTAR. We understand there's lots of organizations setup to provide help raising money for those in need. After deep conversations with many MUSICIAN FRIENDS, wanting to help but having a hard-time marketing the digital mix themselves. Together we came up with a simple solution of donating EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS and PROFESSIONAL LIVE PRODUCTIONS that will only be available via Media Y’all, tagging the charity that is dear to their heart. In exchange, we are adding links where viewers can “LEARN MORE” about the artist music, if so desired by the viewer.

I pushed the domino, as a result, it fell over. We understand that many of you give often, but with us, CASH IS NOT KING for your kindness and friendship in simply following and sharing the music you enjoy, might just spark another friends interest in your Facebook News Feed, so PLEASE GIVE BY SIMPLY SHARING.

If you are a MUSICIAN and interested in learning more about our networking, Facebook Messenger Media Y’all, we will converse with details about getting your songs playing via our system. All Direct Donations Benefit "Selected Charitable Works" and proceeds go directly to that charity via Facebook commerce. MEDIA Y’ALL SERVICES ARE STRICTLY NON-PROFIT