Doc Holliday origin can be traced to 1971 when guitarist, lead singer and songwriter Bruce Brookshire with brother Bob Brookshire formed the blues band called Roundhouse. In the summer of 1971 Bob and Bruce rehearsed in their parent’s garage getting ready for the summer gig as House Band at the legendary Grant’s Lounge in Macon Georgia.

Bruce was playing bars and going to high school, his Mom said he could as long as he got up for school. Capricorn acts would come in to jam at Grant’s Lounge, Bruce recalls; “One late night Ronnie, Gary, Bob, and Leon of Lynyrd Skynyrd ran in, played “Call Me The Breeze” and ran back out”.

Brother Bob Brookshire supported Bruce in his early musical career, approaching Capricorn and Atlanta Management Agences talent scouts, marketing the existence to come witness “The best 15 year old guitarist you’ve ever heard”. Bruce was 15, Bob was 19 at the time.

In 1975 Bruce became the official Roundhouse bandleader, John Samuelson joined first; then when Eddie Stone came home after serving in the US Army teamed up; Herman Nixon and Ric Skelton rounded off the original lineup soon after. By the end of the decade Roundhouse had gained the attention of Molly Hatchet’s manager creating opportunities that would see the band rechristened Doc Holliday and secure a deal with A&M Records.

Featuring the lineup of Bruce Brookshire, John Samuelson, Ric Skelton, Eddie Stone and Herman Nixon, their debut album produced by Tom Allom who is famous for his work on seminal albums by Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Krokus, Def Leppard, Kix and more; entered Top 30 Billboard Charts with a bullet in 1981.

Going back in the studio with Tom Allom and joined by David Anderle known for his business associations with Frank Zappa, Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys; “Doc Holliday Rides Again” continued previous success cultivating worldwide audiences and sharing tours with acts ranging from Black Sabbath, Gregg Allman, Molly Hatchet and more.

Doc Holliday third album “Modern Medicine” the futuristic production and sign of the times produced by Reinhold Mack​, known for his collaborations with rock bands Queen, Electric Light Orchestra, Meat Loaf and Rainbow. Mack’s production was a lot of the influence direction for the sound and truly ahead of its time, classic music production techniques inspiring generations.

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