Doc Holliday Rides Again…

Going back in the studio with Tom Allom and joined by David Anderle known for his business associations with Frank Zappa, Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys. “Doc Holliday Rides Again” continued previous success cultivating worldwide audiences and sharing tours with acts ranging from Black Sabbath, Gregg Allman, Molly Hatchet and more. Formats now available include worldwide digital and streaming services.  


  1. Last Ride (Bruce Brookshire)
  2. Good Boy Gone Bad (Bruce Brookshire)
  3. Don‘t Go Talkin‘ (Bruce Brookshire)
  4. Southern Man (Bruce Brookshire)
  5. Let Me Be Your Lover (Delbert McClinton)
  6. Doin‘ (It Again) (Bruce Brookshire)
  7. Don‘t Stop Loving Me (Bruce Brookshire)
  8. Hot Rod (Bruce Brookshire)
  9. Lonesome Guitar (Bruce Brookshire)