Doc Holliday Modern Medicine…

Doc Holliday third album “Modern Medicine” is a sign of the times originally produced by Reinhold Mack, also known as Mack, a German record producer mostly known for his collaborations with rock bands Queen, Electric Light Orchestra, Meat Loaf and Rainbow. Mack’s production was a lot of the influence direction for the sound timeline. Personally, I’m starting to have a deeper appreciation of this album knowing its history. Remastered September 2019 by Bruce Brookshire at Spirit Song Studio this album truly captures some fantastic songwriting on it standing the test of time. Formats available include worldwide digital and streaming services. 


  1. City Night (Bruce Brookshire)
  2. Dreamin’ (Bruce Brookshire)
  3. Gimme Some (Bruce Brookshire)
  4. You Don’t Have To Cry (Bruce Brookshire)
  5. Rock City (Bruce Brookshire)
  6. Hell To Pay (Bruce Brookshire)
  7. No Relation To Love (Bruce Brookshire)
  8. You Turn Me On (Bruce Brookshire)
  9. We Are Not Alone (Bruce Brookshire)
  10. You Like To Rock (Bruce Brookshire)