Doc Holliday Debut…

Doc Holliday origin can be traced to 1971 when guitarist, lead singer and songwriter Bruce Brookshire formed the blues band called Roundhouse. By the end of the decade Roundhouse had gained the attention of Molly Hatchet’s manager creating opportunities that would see the band rechristened Doc Holliday and secure a deal with A&M Records. Featuring the lineup of Bruce Brookshire, John Samuelson, Ric Skelton, Eddie Stone and Herman Nixon, their debut album of the same name entered Top 30 Billboard Charts with a bullet in 1981. Formats to include worldwide digital and streaming services. 


  1. Ain’t No Fool (Brookshire)
  2. Magic Midnight (Brookshire)
  3. A Good Woman’s Hard to Find (Brookshire/Stone)
  4. Round and Round (Brookshire)
  5. Moonshine Runner (Brookshire/Stone)
  6. Keep on Running (Wammack)
  7. Never Another Night (Brookshire/Samuelson)
  8. The Way You Do (Brookshire)
  9. Somebody Help Me (Edwards)
  10. I’m A Rocker (Berry)